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I’ve lived my whole life on the road, playing music, meeting and connecting with people
from all walks of life. Live music is something essential to our being, it feeds the heart,
the mind, and the soul.

I don’t think any of us could have imagined a world in which we are unable to congregate
and share the simple pleasures of good conversation, laughter, and community.

In an effort to join together, share music and keep the wheels of life turning, I’m offering a series of Personal House Concerts.

We can all get together from different locations, share some songs, stories and a few

More importantly, we’ll find a way to cut through the isolation and find time to be
together and connect.

This whole idea is an experiment and details may change, but for the time being,
shows will be 40 minutes.  Requests are welcome and encouraged, and you have the

option to invite up to 10 friends/households to split the cost of the ticket. We’ll be able
to communicate from separate locations through webcams.


The price for the show is $100. If you split it between yourself and 10 other groups of friends/family, that’s less than $10 per household. 

See below for available dates... 

Thanks for your support in keeping live music alive!

All the best,


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